Importance of bicortical (multicortical) stabilisation.
Multicortically engagaged two-piece implant.
This patient came to my office for new fixed teeth. I found that there was only one stabile element between compromised teeth and unstabile bridges- perfectly multicortically engaged two piece implant placed about 5 years ago in another office , so far without any signs of periimplantitis. Although I can assume that at the time of placing that implant the occlusion was stable, the condition changed and the question arrises- would this implant still be perfectly stabile if it was submerged in spongy bone?
Sharing my own experience as far as one piece implants I can say that if you use “adequate implant to available bone”(as my mentor dr Tomasz Grotowski would say) according to bicortical concept described by Dino Garbaccio in the 1970s you can ensure 99,5 succes rate in 5 years observation.