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32 y.o. woman with #thin_gingival_biotype (less then 1.5mm) and #thin_labial_plate (less then 1mm). 20 months ago- #immediate_post_extraction bicortically, functionally loaded implants placement in #flapless technique, without bone substitutes, barrier membranes, PRF, socket shields... etc.

As you can see there is no bone resorption in vertical dimension. Only a little bone remodelling in horizontal dimension can be noticed together with double thickening of the buccal plate.


how to replace this tooth within 1 hour... flapless... without advanced and complicated major grafting procedures - simple but not easy technique of the 70's is still more efficient and does deserve the name of the XXI's century technique


Periodontitis patient - immediate post-extraction bicortical implant placement


using bicortical screws in immediate post-extraction implant placement despite labial plate defect...





Final restoration - more pictures you can see - 01 feb 2018


...straddle construction made of bicortically placed and intraorally welded implants to allow a good distribution of the masticatory forces , as it imitates molar roots in thick ridge...


two bicortical,straddle implants
minimally invasive- flapless
immediately loaded


today we used 4 types of implants made by 3 manufacturers...

-basal implant ( Trate AG ) in postextraction site
-ORYGINAL Garbaccio screws ( Vi-Stom sas )
-Scialom needle and "impianto monofasico tipo B" (Acerboni)
Thank you all!
Our main, mutual goal is to help the patients. Isn't it?


single-tooth implants placement,

young patient with high bone density
bicortical screws


-minimally invasive technique of the 1970s to avoid surgical procedures of the XXI century...


first day at work after skiing...
three cases - one planned and two urgent...
oryginal Garbaccio screws...


How to utilise the enormous capacity of the existing bone using Garbaccio screw- two similar cases.


Healing of Garbaccio screws- 4 months after minimally invasive postextraction placement of three 35mm long screws with immediate loading


Healing of Garbaccio screws- one year after postextractive placement with immediate loading,


Young women with BILATERAL AGENESIS OF PERMANENT MANDIBULAR CENTRAL INCISORS lost her only retained deciduous incisor one year ago and today chose the simplest solution- placement of only one tooth


MAXILLARY PREMOLARS AGENESIS (after orthodontic treatment)


Molar extraction with immediate implant placement - two similar cases within two days . CASE TWO 14 SEPT.

As the New Year is ...

As the New Year is the time for reflections and summaries, wishing all my colleagues a Happy New Year and patients as happy as mine, I would like to present a short overview of 2019 upper arch rehabilitation procedures.
1) Number of patients 29 patients in 2019 underwent this procedure in my office 2 with edentulous maxilla and 27 with compromised, residual teeth requiring extraction (including 5 with genetic susceptibility to periodontis).
2) Number of implants 347 implants placed in total (average of 11,96 implant per upper arch) 283 Garbaccio, 46 Tramonte, and 18 Scialom type.

05 06 2017

#garbaccio screw #scialon needle #bicortical implants #intraoral welding #immediate loading

26 05 2017

Natychmiastowa implantacja poekstrakcyjna z użyciem implantów bikortykalnych - śruby Garbaccia, bezpłatowo, minimalnie inwazyjnie z natychmiastowym obciążeniem 

05 04 2017

Minimalnie inwazyjna implantacja poekstrakcyjna z natychmiastowym obciążeniem. Wprowadzone implanty bikortykalne Garbaccia zostały połączone metodą zgrzewania wewnątrzustnego.

31 03 2017

52 letni pacjent po 11 letnim okresie użytkowania mostu zgłosił sie z powodu jego uszkodzenia. Ze względu na cienki wyrostek zębodołowy szczęki 2,3- 3,7mm zastosowano wszczepy igłowe Scialoma, które po wprowadzeniu i bikortykalnym zakotwiczeniu połączono metodą zgrzewania wewnątrzustnego wg. P.L. Mondaniego z wszczepami śrubowymi Garbaccia wproadzonymi poekstrakcyjnie w guzy szczęki. W dniu zabiegu pacjent otrzymał prowizorium.  

22 03 2017 case 1

52 years old woman #narrowridge #minimallyinvasiveimplantplacement #flapless #garbaccioscrew #scialomneedle #intraoralwelding #immediateloading #temporarycrownatthedayofsurgery #bicortical  

21 03 2017 implantacja poekstrakcyjna z natychmiastowym obciążeniem

 Przeprowadzono zabieg implantacji poekstrakcyjnej,  minimalnie inwazyjnej , w technice bezpłatowej (flapless) z natychmiastowym obciążeniem w oparciu o śruby bikortykalne Garbaccia zgrzane wewnątrzustnie tytanowym prętem  wg. metodyki PL Mondaniego. W dniu zabiegu pacjentka otrzymała prowizoryczny most akrylowy. Pobranie wycisków do pracy ostatecznej wyznaczono za 8 tyg.

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